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Give Pleasure Take Pain
Report by CNB                Photos - Given by Arjun                             Date - 05th August  2004

The saga of gentleman Arjun runs from perfume to police station. Actress Swarnamalya (of TV serials in Tamil, ‘Engal Anna’ and Kannada film ‘Geeya Geeya’ heroine) sipped the innocence and luxury of Arjun and finally locked him in police station on a false dowry case. Thanks to Swarnamalya’s parents – parents of this kind live on this earth there is no need of a hell.

“I had bought Swarnamalya the costliest perfumes on this earth” – took her to all the exotic places in America showed her London – what happened to my life after this is something tortuous and ugly part in my career. Thanks to parents Malini Ganesh and Ganesh Sarma.

After marriage on June 30 2002 everything was good for 13 months. The luxury and comfort I maintained in California – where I worked as Senior Financial Analyst on a monthly salary of $9500 at Fresh Express Fresh Foods bit the lazybones – parents of Swarnamalya.

I got my wife Swarnamalya ‘SKODA’ car of Rs.12 lakhs she told me ‘PODA” (go). Thanks to her parents. The quarrel of parents always used to bring an impact on our married life in America. 

She turned hysteric. My life got ruined. They forced me to come to Chennai. In Chennai Swarnamalya evinced interest in acting. She got in to films demanded a car. The producers directly asking her to cooperate in the night times shocked me a lot and at this I thought it enough. Thanks to their parents – they are the ones who encouraged Swarnamalya.

Despite of objections somehow I joined in Birds Eye Foods Company in Rochester, New York but within a few months there was trouble again from Swarnamalya. The sabotage really brought me to Chennai. When I came to Chennai I was thrown out of my job in New York because I had applied leave. Once again thanks to their parents. They prepared a game plan this time.

I was charged of dowry harassment and two policemen took me to police station. They alleged that I demanded Rs.4 lakhs as dowry. The laptop I had got Swarnamalya mother in US by paying $1600 dollars was returned to me by cheque in Indian currency of Rs.75000 and this cheque was shown as the first payment of dowry. Baap re what a cunning woman! says Arjun!

After tearing off my peace into pieces she has once again filed a police complaint on me for abusing her and my job at present in Chennai is also at stake.

This is not a film script what we have given above. What ever explained above is the version of Arjun. We have just condensed his six pages e-mail. Along with this he as sent the court notice copy.

You can’t win, you can’t break even, you can’t even quit the game is the situation of Arjun.

Chitraloka tried to contact Swarnmalya. But she was in Chennai and her mobile switched off. What will her version be?