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Is there a Silver Lining after 498A..                                                                                Main Page


Do people become more wiser and mature (overnight sometimes) after 498A, do we become a Man n leave behind the kid mentality, do we start differentiating whom to trust n whom not to, do we start a new hobby, or a new path of life which we always wanted to do..

Do we become more stronger bícos as we know no other law in this land is more damaging than 498A and no other relationship which is broken hurts as much..


It of course teaches lot of things, how to deal with law, police, power brokers n many more. Generally people spend lifetime n not learn much about these but here in short span of 2-3 years we learn all the things which life has to throw, including who supports us in such a difficult time (whom we believed are our relatives n best friend n thought they are with us all the time). It really brings out the true colors of people.  498A simply increases our learning curve. After 498A its quite possible one doesnít worry much bout law n police bícos one knows what are the loopholes and how one can use it to ones advantage in other situation in life.


Do we hear a sigh of relief that its good I donít have to hear the same voices again n again n donít have to see the same face again when I get up in the morning..

Its better it happened now instead of dragging it whole life n later regretting that why I didnít do it earlier..

If after 498A we start feeling better then its quite possible the feminists (blackmailers) will start burning on the fire, which they have started in the first place.


P.S: There are lots of bad n worse thing happens after 498A, here we are trying to keep the good , better n best things only, we hope one will read in that context only because if one is a firm believer in ďB+ve AlwaysĒ framework then life is worth living.


Enjoy Life.   


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