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Misuse of Dowry Law
New Delhi: May 22, 2003

It refers to the bold and welcome judgment on Dowry law by an experienced High Court Judge who has been handling such cases as a judge in the lower courts! It has become a fashion and style to misuse provisions of Dowry law by women not adjusting with families of husbands, and torturing lives of even distant relatives and minors by subjecting them to harassment by making untrue complaints in the Police. Even Police personnel admit the bitter reality in personal talks that most of the cases filed under section 498-A are mischievous aimed to blackmail. Even in recent media-publicized Nisha Sharma case, it is beyond understanding why and how two sets of costly appliances were purchased to be gifted in the marriage!

It is necessary to hit the evil of dowry by other steps. It should be compulsory to get marriages registered with complete list of cash and gifts submitted with names of persons making gifts. Mostly unaccounted money is used in marriages. Stringent steps should be taken to curb currency circulation drastically in a manner that excess currency may not be permitted to be used. All sale-purchases say above Rs 10000 may be through cheques/ credit cards even though payment may have to be in parts. Cash-withdrawals say above Rs 20000 from a bank-account in a single day may be reported to IT authorities mentioning reasons.

Press Release by: Madhu Agarwal